Monday, October 8, 2012

The Warrior Heir (#1 Heir Chronicles)

I liked this book.  The only reason I gave it 3 instead of 4 stars was because it was good, just not great.  It had all the elements I enjoy in a story, but nothing was truly amazing.  There was a pretty cool premise, one that I hadn’t seen before in the modern supernatural genre that is so popular now.  It utilized a lot of the fairy tale characters you would expect and a healthy dose of valor and honor thrown in for good measure.  Chima’s characters were likable enough and pretty believable.  There was one or two scenes that I thought could have been done a little better, and might have been more realistic if we’d had a bit more insight into the characters involved beforehand.  I do applaud Chima on not being afraid to think outside the box and for throwing a fair amount of surprises and obstacles into the mix. 

I did really like how realistic Jack was, and how he reacted so predictably to his sudden change in circumstances.  I thought that some of the supporting characters could have used a bit more attention and it might have made the story that much better.  I think that is the only reason it took me longer than usual to read The Warrior Heir.  With its short length I usually would have knocked it out in a day or two maximum, but it ended up taking me about half the week to get through it.  It just seemed that there was something else more interesting to do each day, than to finish it. 

I will read the next book, The Wizard Heir, and I’ll let that one cinch it for me.  If it’s better than good I’ll probably continue with the series, and if it’s only marginal, it will probably be the end of the line for Chima and me.  I should also mention though that I got this as an impulse read while browsing at the library without my list, so for that, it wasn’t half bad.  I have certainly picked worse books in similar situations.

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