Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Time Capsule, by Lurlene McDaniel

The Time Capsule
Written by Lurlene McDaniel

Like all of McDaniel's books, The Time Capsule was about a family who has to struggle with a loved one's terminal disease. It shows, from the inside, how the friends and family deal with the very real possibility of loosing their loved one, as well as the day to day struggles that must be faced. McDaniel also usually writes about young people, so you get the whole "coming of age" obstacles, as well as the life and death struggle. I've always enjoyed the way McDaniel writes and how adept she is at showing you this world from a unique perspective.

I've always found the idea of twins who seem to have some kind of ESP with one another to be pretty intriguing. When I saw that one of my favorite authors had written a book with a little bit of that mysterious twin power I was excited to see where she'd take it. Although, overall, I liked the book and thought that it was worth the read, I was disappointed that twin aspect wasn't as big a part of the story as I had expected, and that when the "twin power" was mentioned it was done so in an almost silly and kind of cliché' way. I would have liked to see her do more with it, but I still enjoyed the book and can recommend any of McDaniel's books if you've never tried her out.

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