Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All That Bleeds (Book One of Etherlin), by Kimberly Frost

All That Bleeds
Book One of Etherlin Series
Written by Kimberly Frost
"It's so evil , so wrong to use the gift to hurt someone."  -- Alissa, All That Bleeds, by Kimberly Frost

I was very excited when this Goodreads First Read free signed copy of All That Bleeds showed up at my house after I won the giveaway, especially since Kimberly Frost had even included a personal handwritten note to me.  It was one of those thoughtful touches that we don't normally see enough of, in my opinion.  So I will admit I sat down to read this book with quite a bit of hopeful expectation.

The first thing that got me really animated about this book, was when I realized what the basis of the story was.  I have read so many books, many many of them supernaturally themed, and never had I read a book with a main character who was a muse.  It was so delightfully different and amazing to see a new idea in this genre, something I hadn't seen before.  Anytime an author can give me something different I get really really excited.

Kimberly Frost didn't let me down as the story progressed, either. Not only had she come up with a great premise, but she was obviously a talented writer. Her characters were each unique and interesting. 

The heroine, Alissa, struggles with the themes of right and wrong throughout the story. She has to figure out who she can trust, and who she can't. She also had to determine what choices to make when there is no black or white, but only grey options.  For me, it read like a classic Romeo and Juliet love story, as the man and woman from opposites sides find an unlikely solace with one another despite the fact that the world won't approve or understand their connection.  Is there a path that leads to happiness for all involved, or will any decision she makes hurt someone she cares about? 

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