Monday, June 4, 2012

The Temptation (Book One of Kindred), by Alisa Valdes

The Temptation
The Temptation
Book One of Kindred
Written by Alisa Valdes

I entered a Goodreads First Reads giveaway for this book because it sounded like it was going to be really awesome, and I won a free copy. I hadn't heard of this idea of a ghost and human falling in love and thought it would make for a super interesting plot. I have to say though, after reading it, I was a little disappointed. The writer is a bestseller author, so I was expecting a bestseller book. The idea of the story was awesome, but the story in and of itself, not so great.

I liked the overall plot of the book, but the characters seemed underdeveloped and cliché. The romance between Shane and Travis was also underdeveloped. It's not unusual in young adult fiction to have two characters falling in love quickly, but it seemed insincere in this story. Pretty much all of Shane's relationships seemed insincere: dog, best friend, ex-boyfriend, even her mother.

I think I would have enjoyed the book more if it had been a few hundred pages longer. That would have allowed Valdes to develop the characters and their relationships to one another a little better and all the twists and turns of the storyline could have been fleshed out more as well. Honestly the last few chapters flew by so fast and had so much going on that it was hard to follow. New characters were introduced and not very well explained.

I did like that Valdes left it at a cliffhanger ending, which makes me much more likely to give the second novel a chance when it comes out. Without the edge of the seat ending I would not have even considered reading the next book.

After I got done writing my review I went and looked at other reviews and found many of the same complaints there. I'm seriously hoping that Valdez will take these reviews into account while she's writing the sequel and will give the readers what we're looking for. I really think that this story has such potential, and just needed a little more time invested in it. I'm most likely going to give the author a second chance to wow me whenever she writes the sequel to change my mind. I hope that I won't be disappointed.

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