Monday, September 24, 2012

A Life of Joy (#4 Kauffman Amish Bakery), by Amy Clipston

Finally we get back to Jessica and Lindsey, the two teens who were transported directly from the English world into the old world Amish community when their parents were killed in the first book of this series.  I’ve really admired Clipston’s unique storylines throughout this series, but I have to admit I’ve really been wondering when we’d find out more about Lindsey and Jessica.  Aside from a few cameo appearances in the last two books, the storylines have really focused on other members of the Kauffman family. But ever since Rebecca agreed to allow Jessica to live with some English friends of her parents and Lindsey decided to stay in the Amish community, I’ve wondered if Clipston would revisit these two. 

A Life of Joy has rewarded my patience!  This book revisits Lindsey as she is nearing adulthood.  Lindsey begins feeling pressure from both sides as her older sister pushes one agenda, and her Amish friends and family push another.  When an unexpected accident occurs she feels even more strain.  She feels compelled to make a decision to either be baptized into the Amish community or to rejoin the English world that she left behind so long ago.  In this coming of age story, Lindsey learns how let go of the expectations of those around her and finally begins to realize just who she is and what path is right for her.  I am holding out hope that the next book in this installment may tell Jessica’s story, now that she’s a young woman with important decisions of her own to make.

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