Monday, September 24, 2012

Lies (Gone #3), by Michael Grant

Things are definitely starting to get a bit sketchy in the FAYZ as Grant’s third book in the GONE series kicks off.  The first two books focused primarily on the initial days that followed the apocalyptic event that separated all the kids of the small town of Perdido Beach from the rest of civilization.  GONE was all about who should be in charge, and how to organize the masses into some form of civilization.  HUNGER on the other hand focused less on who was in charge and more on making sure that everyone who was left survived as food and other necessities became increasingly scarce. 

In both of these books, the twin brothers Sam and Caine, spent a lot of time fighting in the typical good vs. evil scenarios so popular in these types of books.  In fact the GONE novels remind me a lot of the superhero comic books with the evil villain always trying to gain power over the poor masses while a superman like character swoops in to save the day.  The only real difference in this series is that in the end of both the first two books Sam and Caine were forced to work together in order to ensure their own survival as well as the survival of the town.

At the end of Hunger, it’s revealed that Little Pete may have been responsible for the FAYZ in some form or fashion and not only that, but he also may be more powerful than anyone else around (including Caine and Sam). 

Beginning with the secrets and lies surrounding Little Pete, and continuing as all of the players in the game begin to form alliances LIES is also the first of the series, in my opinion, that really breaks down that typical black and white mentality and starts to paint every character and situation in shades of grey.  The natural leaders and those who have been put in charge officially must attempt to decide just how much honesty is healthy in the FAYZ.

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