Monday, September 24, 2012

Plague (#4 Gone), by Michael Grant

After the massive fallout at the end of LIES where Astrid demotes herself back to civilian by resigning her seat on the council, I wasn’t sure what to expect from PLAGUE, other than the obvious.  After Caine had successfully removed himself from Perdido Beach and set himself up on the island where electricity still exists and food is plenty I wondered if his conflict with Sam would be forgotten for the time being.  I wondered if the new characters would change any of the dynamics of Perdido Beach.  I still wasn’t prepared for what actually happened in PLAGUE. 

Grant never ceases to amaze me with his unpredictable storylines.  As the plague spreads through the town, all civility seems to break down, and an unfortunate series of events will bring some really unforeseen changes to Perdido Beach.  The lines between black and white grow even blurrier as more and more kids fall victim to the plague.  By the end of this chapter in the FAYZ there will be irrevocable changes and shifts in power that I couldn’t have begun to guess before reading it.

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