Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Selection (Book One of Selection), by Kiera Cass

I greatly enjoyed The Selection and I am slightly heartbroken that I’ll have to wait until sometime in 2013 to read the sequel The Elite!  This was just a fantastic dystopian romance.  Now I had my qualms when I read the description of this book.  I wondered if it would be the same old common girl turns princess story that has been done time and time again.  But while The Selection lacked a unique storyline, Cass certainly managed to make up for it’s humble plot by executing it flawlessly. 

Cass’s characters were so perfect.  Some of them were a bit cliché, but not in a bad way at all.  These more familiar roles were always necessary to the plot, and I never got the sense that any of them were thrown in for any reason other than that.  Cass had a lot of characters, but with each of them being so well constructed, no one was hard to remember.  Every character from the panic stricken ladies maid to the overbearing social climbing mother played a part in making this Cinderella tale come to life.  Without any of them, it might not have come out the same. 

It’s not every day that you find a writer capable of the magic that Cass has shown in this novel.  If her other novels fail to impress I’ll be astounded.  My only real fear is that she’ll sell so many copies of this novel that she’ll retire young and we won’t get to see anymore of her mastery.  

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