Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keeping the Moon, by Sara Dessen

Keeping the Moon was an impulse grab that I actually did quite enjoy.  I hadn’t read anything else of Dessen’s, but I had heard of her.  A few of her other books were on my “to read” list, but none of them were available that day at the library, so I grabbed Keeping the Moon instead. 

In Keeping the Moon, Dessen tells the story of Colie, a teenage misfit who is sent to live with her bizarre aunt while her mother is busy touring Europe to promote her fitness program.  Although Colie’s always thought her aunt was a little strange, over the summer they spend together she finally begins to understand where her aunt is coming from.  Along the way she begins to understand herself a little better as well, and even her own mother.  Her summer is filled with days of working in the local bar and grill where she gets a summer job.  Her nights spent with her wacky aunt and friends she makes in the small town. 

This is a classic coming of age story with twists and turns that keep it interesting.  It may not have been the best book I read this year, but I appreciated Dessen’s writing style, and the story kept me entertained.  Dessen reminded me just what it felt like to be a confused teenager who always seemed just a little confused, a little out of place, and always just a few steps behind everyone else.  This was a quick read, so it’d be great for a day at the beach or even a rainy day indoors.  And like I always say, “I love a book that can make me laugh and cry.” 

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